Chocolate Poems Reading February 4

The first reading in BAWA*’s rekindled reading series was a smashing success.  Thanks to Natassaja Linzau, Pete Montgomery, Sue Scheid and Dan Vera for reading.  Thanks to Chris Girardot and Sabrina Linzau for baking.  Also big gratitude to The Center for Poetic Thought for giving us a new home.

The poets included in this reading ranged from Poets Laureate (Rita Dove, Mona Van Duyn) to 5th grade poetry students and the theme of “Chocolate” took us from a love of candy to the comfort of a chocolate cake in times of mourning. 

The audience was eclectic, like Brookland, and we are grateful to them for attending.

Here are a few pictures (by the wonderful Rossyln Young) and a list of the poems that were read.   Hope you can join us next month when we will be hearing from Women Poets in celebration of Women’s History Month!

Pete Montgomery reading "Chocolate" by Rita Dove

Pete Montgomery reading “Chocolate” by Rita Dove

Natassja Linzau reading

Natassja Linzau reading

beautiful baked goodies to complement our reading

beautiful baked goodies to complement our reading


Harlem Sweeties by Langston Hughes

Hershey’s Got No Baby Ruth by Maureen Doallas

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Erin Keane

On A Diet by William Matthews

Self-Employed by L.L. Barkat

Ode to Chocolate  by Barbara Crooker

With It by Dan Vera

In the Cold Kingdom by Mona Van Duyn

Chocolate by Rita Dove

On hearing of a book titled ‘The Chocolate War’ by L. Willingham Lindquist

The Prelude by Matthew Zapruder

Chocolate Infection by G.E. Murray

Chocolate Cake by Brendan Beatty

Oh Chocolate by Sam Girardot

Lonely Eagles by Marilyn Nelson

What I learned from My Mother by Julia Kasdorf