Sweater Poems (from August 5, 2015)

We had a wonderful reading on Wednesday, August 5, 2015.  Although our space was a little too warm for sweaters, we started our reading with poems about ice, snow, and wintery winds.  By the time we hit the break, and time for some home-made peach ice cream, the fan was swirling cool air from our toes to the top of our heads.


In addition to Natassja Linzau and Sue Scheid, we were joined by Michael Gushue who was a founding member of BAWA*.  He not only read from a great selection of poems, but he read from Fortune’s Favor (Scott in Antarctica) a delicious new book of poetry from Kim Roberts which recreates Robert Falcon Scott’s second expedition to Antarctica.  This book is published by Poetry Mutual Press, run by two Brookland residents and BAWA* members:  Dan Vera and Michael Gushue (too shy to tout himself).



20150805_191102 20150805_195653The crowd was pleasantly chilled by the ice cream and the cool air and came back from our break ready to hear more chilly poems.  The room had actually gotten chilly enough at this time for some people to put on light sweaters!


If you missed our reading here is a list of the poems that were read:


Read by Michael Gushue:

Sabrina_2015 300

Snow by David Berman

A Winter Night by Tomas Tranströmer

Too Much Snow by Louis Jenkins

Midwinter by Tomas Tranströmer

“Alone I stare into the frost’s white face” by Osip Mandelstam

Or Death and December by George Garrett

Ice Bound by Walter Bargen

Ice by Kim Roberts

For God’s Sake, Look After Our People, by Kim Roberts


Read by Natassja Linzau:

Sabrina_2015 301

Footprints on the Glacier by WS Merwin

Polar Exploration by Stephen Spender

Snow Slugs by Natassja Linzau

First Frost by Andrei Voznesenky

Hunting a Hare by Andrei Voznesenky

Stopping by a Woods on A Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

Christmas in Utah, by Leslie Norris

The Dark Months by Leslie Norris

Christmas Day, 1973  by Leslie Norris

Early Frost, by Leslie Norris

Winter Birds, by Leslie Norris


Read by Susan Scheid:

Sabrina_2015 299

Not Only the Eskimoes by Lisel Mueller

The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens

Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden

Time Study by Marvin Bell

L’Avenir est Quelque Chose by Dobby Gibson

Releasing the Sherpas by Campbell McGrath

Pursuits by Heather Christle

In the Bakery by Darcie Dennigan